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How to Choose A Concealer That Is Right For You

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A good concealer can truly be a girl’s best friend. It works overtime to perfect your skin by covering spots and blemishes, minimizing dark circles, and even out discoloration. Still, choosing a concealer can be a tricky task. To look your best, you want to diminish imperfections, yet still look natural. Here are a few things things to keep in mind before making your next purchase.

Getting A Good Feel For It

When choosing a concealer, texture plays an important role. According to the StyleList, concealers with creamier consistencies work well to cover up blemishes and especially dark circles, while a lightweight concealer is best for that delicate undereye area. Whether creamy or lightweight though, avoid blending the concealer into smile lines and instead focus on blending the pigment around the inside of your nose and inner eye.

Color Coding

A concealer can have the right texture, but color also plays a pivotal role in covering up problem spots. Colors that are across from each other on the color spectrum cancel each other out – making them great for color correction, according to the Style List. For example, green is the opposite of red on the color spectrum, so a green concealer is excellent to help neutralize a red blemish. Have purplish dark circles under your eyes? Try using a concealer with a yellow or orange-yellow base to help erase that tired look.

The Perfect Shade

Should a concealer be one shade lighter than your actual skin tone? This is a commonly held makeup belief, but it might be wise to taper your urge to go too light. According to a recent article published in Today Style, sporting a too-light concealer might actually emphasize the bags under your eyes and make you look washed out. A too-light or too-dark concealer for that matter might also have the effect of making you look like you are wearing too much make up, and no one wants that.

To get the best coverage, find a concealer that’s closest to the shade of foundation that you use, so that it blends evenly across your skin and gives you a smooth finish. Also, it is a good idea to test potential concealers on your face instead of on your hand and arm, as many facial products contain SPF, making the skin on your face lighter than your skin on other parts of the body.

Applying a concealer is an important step in any beauty routine, which is why it is imperative that you find a concealer with the texture, shade and color that best suits your needs. To make a concealer go on smoothly, it is vital that you properly prep your skin beforehand and keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer and eye cream, such as our Firm & Lift Eye Cream, which will help prevent creasing. Got dry skin? Apply an oil-based, liquid concealer for smooth coverage, noted Today Style.

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