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The Dos and Don’ts for Dry Skin

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Whether your dry skin is seasonal or stays with you all-year-round, it sure can be difficult to deal with sometimes. Characterized by a lack of moisture, suppleness and a rougher feel, dry skin can result in more prominent wrinkles and fine lines, as well as cracking, flaking, scaling or peeling. As we age our skin tends to produce less collagen and natural oils, which only dries it out further.

Still, there are absolutely things you can do to alleviate dry skin and significantly improve its quality. Below are some tips for dry skin –dos and don’ts- that when followed can help bring much-needed moisture back to your skin.


  • Do use moisturizing creams. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) says that creams are both more effective and gentler on the skin than lotions. Also, look for moisturizers that contain an oil. Excellent moisture-rich oils include jojoba oil, olive oil and shea butter.
  • Do apply moisturizer on your skin right after washing. Why? Moisturizers, whether ointments, lotions or creams work by trapping vital moisture that already exists in your skin, according to the AAD. They recommend applying a moisturizer within a few minutes of drying off after you have a bath or shower, or washing your hands or face.
  • Do moisturize….and then moisturize some more! Moisturize often and generously, especially in the winter when the weather conditions are harsh and your skin becomes drier. Try our Age Defying Moisture Cream to enrich your skin.
  • Do carry a hand cream with you wherever you go and apply it after you wash your hands to keep your hands nice and hydrated. Also, wear gloves in the winter.
  • Do change your razor blades often, as a dull blade can dry skin. The AAD recommends changing your blade after five to seven shaves.
  • Do use warm water rather than hot water when taking a bath or shower. The Canadian Dermatology Association suggests adding a capful of emulsifying oil to your bath to help your skin retain moisture.


  • Don’t skip washing your face before you go to sleep at night. Gentle cleansing at night is crucial for even the driest skin types. “Makeup, sunscreen, bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and oil build up on your face during the day,” notes WebMD. “They can work their way into your pores, causing inflammation. Wash gently without scrubbing to avoid irritating your skin. There’s no need to wash again in the morning. Just rinse your face with water when you wake up.”
  • Don’t rub your skin dry when cleansing your face. Rubbing can wear away at your skin, and this can then lead to irritation and inflammation, says WebMD. They suggest rinsing your face with lukewarm water then patting or blotting it with a clean and dry washcloth or towel. The key is not to dry your skin completely, that way your moisturizer can more readily lock in your skin’s natural moisture.
  • Don’t bathe or wash your hands and face in extremely hot or extremely cold water.
  • Don’t sit too close to fireplaces or other heat sources, as they can dry out your skin, mentions the AAD. A random bit of information, but true!
  • Don’t use harsh scrubs. Exfoliation works to remove dead skin cells, and this lets moisturizer better penetrate the skin, states WebMD. Too harsh scrubs can damage dry skin, so it is best to pick a gentler scrub option.

Whether you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin, it is important that you take good care of it and use products that are suitable for your skin type. You will most definitely notice the benefits. 

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